Super easy tiered pantry organisers. No hacking required!


I recently transformed my pantry into a super organised space thanks to some $5 IKEA spice racks. They are super handy as pantry organisers. 

  • BEKVÄM spice racks
bekvam spice rack

BEKVÄM spice rack |

Spice racks to pantry organisers

It’s super simple, make the spice racks as normal and flip them upside down to create a flat surface. Now you’ve got tiered storage!

IKEA BEKVAM spice racks as pantry organisers

Just use one to make 2 tiers (the existing bench being the first tier) or stack 2 on top of each other and one in front for 3 tiers etc.

IKEA BEKVAM spice racks as pantry organisers

The racks are not attached in any way, just stacked. Which means, you can turn them back to spice racks (or kid’s book racks) if the need arises.

From there I’ve used IKEA storage containers to neaten the bigger items. 

You could use the VARIERA shelf inserts to do the same but since we started our BEKVÄM collection as actual spice racks, we decided to keep the theme going with the rest of the pantry.

And because we already had them, we were able to test the idea out with our existing ones. So we knew what we were buying. I personally think the timber looks better too!